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New to the school?

Students at Lady Manners SchoolMoving on to secondary school is an exciting, and slightly daunting process for any child - and their parents. If your child is joining Lady Manners School, we hope the practical advice below helps you both to settle in to school life.

Preparing for the first day

Before your child starts at Lady Manners School, they can find out more about life at school from this website. You can also look at our Facebook page (@LadyMannersSchool) where we post stories of student achievements, work, school events and developments.

In preparation for their first day, you should:

  • make sure they have the right uniform
  • add money to their WisePay dinner money account (hint: get ahead of the game by doing this well before the end of the summer holidays).  Your username and password will be sent to you.
  • provide them with a sturdy and identifiable school bag or rucksack
  • provide them with a pencil case, containing:
    • pen
    • pencil
    • ruler
    • rubber
    • colouring pencils
    • pencil sharpener
    • compass
    • a Casio scientific calculator
  • pay the rental charge for a locker using WisePay. Your username and password will be sent to you.

The first day

On the first day, Year 7 students spend time getting to know their form tutors and other students in their form groups. They will receive their timetable and homework diary, which parents are encouraged to check regularly.

Students do not need to bring their games or PE kits to school on the first day of Year 7. Subsequently they should refer to their timetable and bring in games or PE kits on the days on which they are required. Students do not need to have a mobile phone at school. If, however, they do have one, they should be kept in their locker during the school day.

The end of the first few school days are devoted to showing students where to catch the bus home (if they will be catching the bus) and making sure they catch the right bus!

Day two onwards

Students tend to settle quickly into the school routine. One common worry is that they may get lost but, with the aid of the map that they are given, they usually learn the way around very quickly. The school day will be split into five periods (click here for more information).

There are many clubs and activities available during the lunch break, and after school. These do vary from year to year but, to give you an idea, click here to see those currently available.

Students are likely to receive more homework than they have been used to. Helping your child to establish a routine which includes time for completing homework is a good idea.

Your child's progress

During the year, there are several occasions on which you will receive information about your child's progress:

Autumn Term
  • Tracking Summary - a brief report about your child's targets and progress towards those targets (for core subjects), attainment (for non-core subjects) as well as attitude, attendance and behaviour information
Spring Term
  • Tracking Summary
  • Parents' Evening
Summer Term
  • Annual Report - a full report outlining your child's achieved levels during the year with a comment from each subject teacher as well as attitude, attendance and behaviour information

Absence from school

  • Click here for information on what you should do if your child is absent from school for any reason.

Student well being

In a large school, every student needs to feel safe and happy.  The school is committed to ensuring the safety and well being of all students.  Should your son/daughter have any concerns in school they can approach any member of staff, in particular: 

  • Their Form Tutor 
  • Head of Year
  • Student Support Department
  • Learning Support Department - available in Room LS

More information

There is further useful information about the transition from primary school to Lady Manners School on our 'Admissions to Lady Manners School' page.