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Sixth Form Student Voice

Chart showing 96% would recommend LMSWe feel that it's important to understand how our Sixth Form students feel about their time with us. To help us with this, we conducted a questionnaire in which 120 students from both Years 12 and 13 answered 40 questions about life in the Sixth Form.

82% of our students answered that they were proud to be a member of the Sixth Form, with an impressive 96% saying that they would recommend Lady Manners School Sixth Form to another student.


Student quoteLearning
  • 88% enjoy lessons
  • 89% feel that teachers have high expectations
  • 83% feel that they learn a lot in lessons
  • 76% know what they are expected to learn
  • 72% know what they need to do to improve
  • 74% find homework useful
  • Student quote93% feel that standards of behaviour in lessons are good
  • 84% feel they are expected to be punctual to lessons
  • 70% feel that behaviour generally is outstanding
  • 90% agree that the Sixth Form insists upon high standards
  • 92% feel that uniform expectations are high
  • 76% see that Sixth Form staff lead by example
  • 88% agree that bullying is rare in the Sixth Form
  • No student feels unsafe in school
Student quoteWider School Life
  • 78% feel that there is a strong sense of community in the Sixth Form
  • 92% recognise that there are opportunities to undertake responsibility
  • 76% feel that there is a variety of extra-curricular opportunities
  • 89% feel that Sixth Form staff and students respect one another
Areas for improvement

The students' feedback gives an indication that some areas of school life could be more helpful to them. More students than we would like feel there could be more value in form periods/tutorials; weekly meetings; and tracking data.

We are taking action to improve these areas. In addition, we are focusing on some of the results which, although positive, we feel could be improved further. Student Focus Groups will be fully involved throughout the process to ensure that students can have a direct input to improvements.

Student quoteWhat are we doing about it?
  • Form periods/tutorials: are being restructured to improve peer-to-peer mentoring and increase their value to students.
  • Tracking data: Additional ways to add value to tracking data are being investigated, as well as further improving intervention where academic concerns are highlighted.
  • Student levels and improvement: a programme of work with Sixth Form students is being undertaken to enhance their understanding of the level at which they are operating, their targets, and what they need to do to improve.
  • Value and contribution: a pastoral programme is running with the intention that every Sixth Form student will recognise their value and contribution to Sixth Form life and the school community.
  • Attendance: there is a major focus on Sixth Form attendance guidelines, with defined stages of intervention and improved communication with parents/carers where attendance concerns exist.
  • A small number of individual concerns raised are being reviewed by school leadership.
What can parents do to help?

If parents have a particular concern (or, indeed, compliment!) they can: